The Journey: Understand impact of Life Scripts (Day 4)

June 6, 2020 @ 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Journey: Understand impact of Life Scripts

Making a New Choice in Life

Through Satir’s program, it brings about transformational, energetic change. Satir’s uniqueness is the intrapsychic and interactive components of therapy that aids to enhance self transformation. With Satir Model, it facilitates change at the level of being, so that participants can accept and deal with pain, problems, and also live with inner joy as well as peace of mind. Participants will learn how to tap the deeper yearning of individuals and help them work towards a sense of wholeness as experienced in greater self-transformation and higher self-esteem.

Target Audience: Any individual who want a more fulfilling work/life balance

“ I highly recommend this training to anyone who has people they want to develop and want to develop themselves. “

“ Every session is highly customized and carefully thought through to address the most important issues we face today that span. ”

“ Bryan’s Satir training was truly an experience bringing values and overarching imperatives. The training was fruitful, enjoyable and intense. There were times that it struck an emotional chord, bringing tears to my eyes. ”

“ His delivery style has set a new benchmark in my expectations as a new edge manager. ”

“ Trainer has professionalism and credibility and knows his stuff! Excellent role modelling of how trainers should present. Great balance of use of ‘personal’ stories too. Also demonstrated how to handle contingencies well. ”

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