Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

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    • Overview
      • Overview
    • Concepts
      • Understanding Financial Statement
      • Cash Vs Profit
      • Depreciation
      • Provision for doubtful debts
      • Cash Flow Management
      • Budget
      • Decision Making- Business & Investment?
    • Checklist
      • Checklist
    • Common Questions & Answers
      • Common Questions & Answers
    • Test 
      • Test: Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Introduction

    Frustrated with Number?

    Finding it hard to Communicate with Finance People?

    Wanted to understand how to read and interpret financial information correctly?

    Don’t ever let the fear of FINANCE set you back! Finance…for non financial managers is a topic you cannot afford not to understand. This is one of the most significant support to identify the correct action. You have got to know the techniques to justify a request, quantify your contributions to the company and spot profit drains immediately to make a quick decision

    In real life, despite the fact you are a wizard of finance or a non financial manager, performance is measured just the same way – in dollars and cents! Providing an accessible overview of finance for non financial managers, this seminar features exactly what you need. This workshop shows non financial managers the concepts, tools and techniques that can help make each decision pay off – on the job and on the bottom line.


    “… Now I know the difference between profit & cash & how powerful KPI is in helping us to understand the business….”

    “The financial knowledge and interactions throughout the class were inspiring and will last as we return to our real world environment for work and life.”

    “Trainer is warm and personable. She approached my challenges with professionalism and a genuine passion to help.”

    “Patience and understanding and a “tip” just at the right time have developed my ability to capture. I never felt overwhelmed – only encouraged. Thank you Shireen!“

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