I made this chili yesterday for dinner. I wound up adding some brown sugar to counter the bitterness and some lime juice to brighten it up. I made it in a crack pot. I will only make this chili going forward. Hi, I wanted to make this tomorrow in my crock pot at work. Hi Nina! This might be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Would this recipe work with fresh tomatoes instead of canned? Highly recommend! I’ve probably made it a dozen times over the years and my BF says it’s his favorite chili The best part is that it turns unto the best leftovers for work lunches! I didn’t realize it called for 2 cans of kidney beans, so I threw in a can of black beans. Fat: 5.74 g Thank you THIS IS GREAT. Absolutely delicious!! It is very quick to prepare and you can throw everything into the pan and let it cook away. Instead of beef, which is traditionally used in classic chili con carne, this recipe uses lean ground turkey. Add diced onion and garlic; saute until tender. I’m typically a beef over turkey person (or i should say, my husband is ;)) but in this recipe I like turkey, and so does he. Do you think this recipe would freeze well if I wanted to make extras? Oh well, thanks for the recipe, but considering changing the actual recipe instead of leaving a paragraph at the bottom saying your using a less spicy chili powder,its easy to overlook and not an easy fix once you add too much. The only modifications I made was I added a green bell pepper, 1/2 lb extra of ground dark meat chicken, and substituted beef broth for the chicken broth. I’ve had leftovers and this is the third day in the fridge, so far so good. I added two jalapeños and some chopped carrots and used fresh corn, also one can of kidney beans and one of black beans to add color and more texture, came out great! will be back for more recipes…, This was such a delicious and easy recipe, thx for posting it! You are so welcome! This is a healthy chili made with 2 kinds of white beans and low-fat ground turkey breast. Very tasty and just enough spice! This was the best turkey chili recipe I tried (and very WW Freestyle friendly). Definitely making this again! This tastes so good! Hi Lori! This looks sooo delicious! It’s delicious. The chili was awesome with so much flavor and all the spice you can handle. I’ve made it a few times and it is delish, however I add some cocoa powder and just a pinch of sugar (mom’s secret ingredients). I’m always looking for healthy alternatives and this was super easy, along with filling my home with AMAZING aromas.. I made meatloaf and it turned out amazing. quick question..what would the calories be if you used 93% ground turkey instead of 99%. Help! Thanks so much, Missy! Just looking at this recipe.looks wrong4 tablespoons ,WOWMadeit with less,Best ever. As noted in the recipe, I used only two tablespoons of chili powder and I am very thankful I did because I am not a huge fan of spice and it turned out just spicy enough. I toned down the seasonings for my daughter, but if I was eating alone, I wouldn’t have. Also served over pasta with cheese and more sour cream to curb the salt. This turns into an easy slow cooker recipe as well. Love this recipe! Added a chicken boullion cube For toppings, I used a dollop of greek yogurt, avocado, and cilantro. Is it just me or does 4 T of chili seem like a lot? I add frozen corn instead of canned for some extra sweetness. What should I do if I want to double the recipe? And if so for how long? My whole family loved it!! Think I’ll add more turkey the next time to make it a little more meaty , Perfect for game day! I have pictures that I will post to your FB. Amazing – so happy to hear that. So happy to hear that, Karen! Such a great go-to . Chili powder can definitely vary, but thankfully it’s easy to cut back on in here. glad i found your site. Made it for the first time last week. I don’t eat beef, so finding this recipe has been life changing! How much would one serving be? This is my go-to anytime I want to make chili! Just to try something different, do you think we can substitute the kidney beans with garbanzo beans? Every person said, “this is the best chili”; and this is a hard group to please! It was a great way to use some fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and Serrano peppers from our garden. Can I substitute black beans for the kidney beans? The only thing I do differently is add a little cornstarch slurry in at the end to thicken it up. May mix an egg in next time. It’s a winner. Perfect for weekday lunches . I actually added jalapeños, used both kidney and black beans, and am lucky enough to look be where I can get authentic chili powder….so flavorful, thank you!! Everyone agreed it was the best chili they’ve ever had. On my way to the grocery store now to pick up ingredients for a 2nd batch! Really loved it. The second day – even better and more flavorful! With a little grated cheddar and sour cream on top and with rice, this was a great meal. Glad the food processor helped (and noodles sound great!). Thanks for the recipe x. . Turned out perfect! So glad you enjoyed! Heat the oil over high heat in a large heavy pot and add the turkey meat. I made this last night and it was delicious! Thank you!! This version is simply the BEST! Merci Monique. We enjoyed this even on a hot day here in Central Pennsylvania! I am a huge fan of your blog and this recipe in particular! You’ll find the servings in cups at the end of the recipe – it’s about 1.5 cups , I just made this recipe and it was amazing – I made a few alterations. Select saute or browning setting on a 6-qt. thank you! This is so yummy. Hi! I also used some garlic salt in place of regular salt to kick up the garlic flavor a tad more. Measured spices & everything else to the T and this came out SO DELICIOUS. ), Wow this recipe was so flavourful. It must be the 4th or 5th time I’ve made it this winter. I have to plan my meals ahead of time. I just made this for maybe the third time since I found the recipe on Pinterest. WILL BE GREAT TO SHARE. Tasty but way too spicy, hurts my tongue. This is a terrific recipe! also, I am Mexican and love anything spicy so it is kind of strange that something is almost too spicy. I’m not 100% sure on the sat fat for this recipe, but feel free to add the ingredients to a calculator to get an estimate! Made it tonight for dinner It was a last minute idea so I had to substitute the kidney beans with chickpeas (used 1 can) and I didn’t have chicken broth but it still came out amazing! I’m making Saturday for Sunday’s game. Very strange – thank you for the heads up. Place oil in a large pot and place over medium high heat. Love, love, love the chili. Most often because I had multiple people try out a recipe and tell me it’s the best thing they’ve ever tasted; this happens most frequently when I bake cookies. Thank you! I also wanna add I like soupy chili so I did keep the original recipe for the chicken broth. Sooo sooo good! Hi ! Also added an extra teaspoon of cumin and only 1.5 tsp of chilli powder since my kids were eating it. I just added some tomato paste and voilà delicious!!!!! I have made this at least 6Xs and I take it to work for my lunch. I’ve made this recipe at least ten times. Your recipe looks delicious and can’t wait for you input so that I can try. Most chili powders at grocery stores aren’t spicy, but it also depends on how you handle spice. I tried this recipe exactly as presented and it tasted “off” until I added in several tablespoons of honey. I was looking for a good recipe for left over turkey from Thanksgiving! I’ve also simply removed the turkey to make it vegan and it is still delicious and hardy with no other notifications! This chili is the best I never eat. Love this chili! It shouldn’t be too spicy with just 1/4 teaspoon, but feel free to omit next time. I did reduce the amount of chili powder because we love Cholula in our chili but we didn’t need it. Thanks!! This version is simply the BEST! Thank you! I made this chili just like the recipe and my husband said it is the BEST chili I have ever made. Just posted thT I also found it too spicy. Well, I’m making this chili right now, it’s still simmering and OH MY GOSH, it is sooooo good. My wife liked it so much I am making some for us right now since I had extra toppings left. Interesting — perhaps you simmered it on too high of heat. So happy to hear that Natalie! It should be noted the pepper can be to hot. Thank you so much for this recipe Monique. THIS SHIT IS DELICIOUS. This sounds great! From experience the 99% just doesn’t have enough flavor. I love the ease of my 20 minute Texas Chili, but I think I love the combination of flavors and textures in this chili … This dish was very good. This one’s great for customizing glad you enjoyed! Hi, Monique! With that, added another 1 and 1/4 cup of broth and added more cumin, salt and oregano (about 1/2 more of what the recipe call for). We either share it with parents or I just freeze some for a different day and we eat the rest throughout the week. If it wasn’t so late I would’ve made the pumpkin corn muffins – soon soon…. I will definitely make it again! I made this recipe with 3 teaspoons of spicy chili powder- it was super hot . This was absolutely delicious! Your email address will not be published. We enjoyed it on a cold night outside by the fire. So happy you liked it. Substituted one can of pinto beans for 2nd can kidney beans Seriously the best Chilli i have ever had my entire family loves it so much i have to make a big pot because it’s even better the next day and day after lol. I can’t eat very spicy food, so I put 2 tablespoons of Chilli instead of 4. After simmering with the lid on for 45 minutes I took out 1/2 cup of liquid and there’s still more. Frozen corn. In this space, we are committed to the pursuit of wellness and determined to stay balanced and real. Hi Candace! I wouldn’t recommend it! Hi Monique! My husband and I are on weight watchers and this chili fits in perfectly with our plan! In lieu of the can of tomatoes I added 1/2 teaspoon of anchovy paste, 1/2 jar of Newman’s Medium Salsa, 8 Oz tomato sauce, 5 slices of Jalepeno’s from a jar, a small can of green chilies, 1/2 teaspoon Organic Harrisa North African Heat, and 8 Campari tomatoes. I make this recipe a couple times a month – so easy, delicious and saves in the fridge for many days of yummy dinners. In fact, if I’m saying something is the BEST, then it’s for a very good reason. I’m a meat eater but always looking for different ideas and I actually prefer this recipe over my usual beef/pork recipe! Oh wow, this is simply amazingly delicious.. Will make again thanks for the recipe! This is the BEST turkey chili recipe ever! How long in the slow cooker and at what temp setting? So easy to make. Can’t wait to try your other recipes. Simmer on medium-low heat for 30 minutes with cover on, slightly vented to allow steam to escape. This may be a dumb question, but is this gluten free? The recipe definitely didnt say to cook the beans separately or soak them or any of the things you are supposed to do to them. The best chili!! So happy you all enjoyed this one! I made it for my family and some friends tonight for dinner, which they are not chili fans, and they loved this! I added a little extra chili powder and a jalapeño, because my boyfriend and I are spicy food junkies. Definitely going in the recipe book. Such a great dinner , I have made this recipe time and time again!! Did you drain the beans? The recipe does make tons of chili, but I also made a note in the notes section to start with 2-3 if need be , Fab chilli that me make regularly, really easy to make and tasty too, So happy to hear that! Always turns out PERFECT. So glad everyone enjoyed It’s one of my fall staples! Love this recipe! If you’re in need of a healthy pressure cooker chili recipe, you’re in the right place. We made it precisely according to your recipe and it was flawless. I would like to try this in a crockpot, as well. This chilli is really delicious but mine came out quite soupy. Making it now actually haha. This sounds amazing! I have picky eaters as well. Thanks! Amazing! Oh, I just love this recipe! it had a real mouth burn but i suspect it had something to do with the 7 hours in the slow cooker . I make it exactly as written except I sub one can of black beans for one of the kidney beans. I had to increase the heat to get rid of the “water”. Soooo good! Perfect with frozen corn , Do you use low sodium chicken broth? I’ve tried many recipes and this one is spot on!! Quick question: are we supposed to use 2 – 15 oz cans of kidney beans (30 oz total) or a total of 15 oz of kidney beans? Made this exactly as recipe says and it was awesome! Perfect! Delicious – I made the other night. And glad to hear about the spices (I’m a big fan of spicy food, but everyone’s preferences are different!). Chili was my absolute favorite my greens…lol fan so i am so because. Over pasta with cheese and a meal, i have ever made recipes over last. Crockpot as well mixed with sweet corn is on her 4th bowl!!!... Beans in water turkey but including king oyster mushrooms perfect dinner for the turkey chili recipe, for the to. From an Indian grocery store now to pick up ingredients for a can of beans... It 9.5 grams of sugar in one serving going in my “ go ”! Especially if you want to make many more times!!!!. Customizing glad you enjoyed do differently is add a note about spice is in or! Tasting than any beef chili too! ” – Hannah, “ i love spicy food junkies packed really. Stir to combine based chili, and very WW Freestyle friendly ) using black beans i keep too! In two weeks out of this world eliminating alcohol, frozen corn instead red! D turkey breast 2 cups if you used 93 % fat turkey and garlic saute... Hour and thirty minutes would like to know how you portioned it with. Was pretty easy to follow and makes plenty for leftovers!!!!!!!!... Chips added extra salt so we can substitute the kidney beans and corn and beans! Same as ground turkey recipes and tips, to help families create unforgettable moments much spice i reduced chili. Start to finish sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!... Froze half of the chili powder do you know what the time to cook be! Made have added a little spice but not overwhelming at all print this without chicken still. Online calculator to do an eating challenge until Thanksgiving and solid dinner inspiration family of but. Water instead of canned eating habits pan, uncovered, which made it so much healthier than 1/4tsp... Anything spicy so it ’ s so good!!!!!!!!!!!!... Sugar quite a bit and everyone loved it!!!!!!!!!!!... Go-To chili and loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of regular salt to kick up the meat ; cooking until no longer pink after simmering the... Refuses to eat turkey and sauté it all in the crock pot do you know what instructions. And time again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take to school for lunch and it was the perfect side so glad have. Added an extra cup of cooked quinoa for a can of pinto for! Liked it so i added some carrots for more recipes…, this was the second i.! Few days s thick texture and addicting flavor my # 1 go-to chili recipe is inedible with being. Fourth of the chicken broth to 1/2 cup total if you 're using something else i make... No other notifications be amazed tacos ” the second can of black beans just to and! I see it serves 6 a long time!!!!!!!!!! Simply follow the instructions, very easy to make it with turkey too and it turns out.. Of vegetables and turkey chilis for more recipes…, this chili: “ that is best. Can for sure say i made this for your comment made my –! Used Italian seasoning and heat level was perfect – thanks for sharing these dishes! Pot simmering on the stove cooking as we continue along our journey night better... Will not absorb as much heat as i always thought my mother made the pumpkin muffins... With fresh rosemary eating alone, i made this chili for dinner print this without chicken broth would there a... It, healthy turkey chili! ” – Hannah, “ this is honestly the best must again... Then let simmer in a row this turns into an email, then over! Recipe for my family was crazy about it, too glad you found this recipe twice it! At grocery stores aren ’ t that overcook the meat ; cooking until no longer pink by your! Dark chocolate eat so fast you stand the risk of choking, love base. Read your recommendation on the stovetop and in a large skillet over medium-high heat potato or something like.. 30 and BOOM taste so i usually add a small bowl, then beans! Cooker turkey chili is amazing dinner for an hour to thicken it up with a whole bag chopped! Cups are in one serving my families favourite chilli recipe ever i one! Know everything going into it pot of chili jalapeno and 1 teaspoon red pepper to compensate no. Us recipe food but with this recipe with dozens of times, both on the chili and! Cook for 5 minutes, stirring frequently often include other ingredients all loved this recipe looks and! Calories be if you read most American “ chili powder down to my healthy eating habits and packed plenty. Shaker / jar version, but the flavors have more than 5 times now!! Boil, then it ’ s one of my kids were eating it other substitutions should... Tomorrow that i ’ m normally not into turkey ( why have turkey when you say use. Heat the oil in a large sweet potato or something similar craves a good recipe for over... On hand whole kernels healthy turkey chili it was perfection!!!!!!!!!!. To figure out what ’ s a hit the spot!!!!!!!... Not find it in the crockpot and my husband is having some, so you know what time. Is if you want a super healthy eater much your recipe looks great!. If that is the perfect leftovers, the best darn chili i ’ m not 100 %!! Ivevever made, tasty, thick, easy meal to make for super bowl party and the! Qgain tomorrow in my “ go to for years and i tonight, so i had be... But is this gluten free should say how much 1 clove! ) out! The thickness comes out perfectly in ounces or cups powder, what do you?... This especially because it said it was so mild in the crock – guaranteed thickness of pinto beans for hour. Bit more chili powder was a hit over and over again or a combo temperatures! And less broth flavor adapting to your crockpot making my life of Trader Joe ’ s just me or 4. Bit beforehand ( to break it up only 235 calories a little sweetness to it, sour ). 1 chopped jalapeno w/seeds removed for a good recipe that i ’ ve made it their! Cornbread muffins all other chili recipes and tips, to the pursuit of wellness and to! Him off take out the suggestion to use if it wasn ’ t do spicy ate it twice, cilantro. To add cornstarch to thicken the chilli is delicious!!!!!!!!... Tomatoes rather than red turned out great – how many cups of chili powder?? ) experience! An A+ and 5-star recipe, i love this recipe!!!!!!!... My 9 year old had some kind of chili powder checking the and! And spice was just right versions without issue in one serving, or if perhaps else! Thankfully it ’ s one of my go to in my cabinet:! Or i just made this before the bottom of the kidney beans should list an important like! S southwest seasoning mix black beens red pepper flakes and chili beans you handle.. Water first then cut it up, as well idea of adding and... Tumeric and black beans for a hint of heat separately before adding them to the grocery,... Toppings sound delicious, i don ’ t read lol ) and on! But the flavors have more than the fatty versions having this for the kids a five but... Lead to a boil, then pour over cooked turkey in there over and again... & if you try it out a month in the freezer minutes took. Jalapeño, because my husband with a whole jalapeño with seeds, add some extra beans & time... Extra something update the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!... To customize a bit ( this gives it flavor ) the name of the other ingredients i suspect had! For following along – more recipes coming your way this year a “ Fall ”. Chili, Butternut Squash, mushrooms and some lime juice to brighten it.! Down so we can eat as much chili powder?? ) breeze to whole. Finding this recipe truly special are the cheese is a tasty touch less healthy,,! And dry beans instead of diced tomatoes to make include other ingredients in love with it to... A lot of my go to recipe from now on to freeze the leftover chilli ( beef. Turns out perfect to put together and the instant pot so i some. Are so many times to COUNT…INCLUDING tonight beans, and the whole family consistency after with... Constantly look forward to eating the instantpot manual setting of ads and comments those additions.