Theme – Transform Finance Professionals

Transforming Finance Professionals into Business Leaders

By Bryan Ng

A Must Know for all New Edge Finance Professionals

Target Audience: Chief Financial Controller, Financial Controller, Finance Leader, Accountant, Finance Manager, Finance Analyst, Public Practice, Accounting Professional, Accounts Supervisor

Economic upheaval has made many business leaders place an increased emphasis on recruiting finance professionals who can function as fully integrated finance leaders in the business, providing strategic insight and cooperating with other departments to ensure the long term financial stability of the company.  

However, the mistake too many companies make is simply to re-draw organisation charts, change the designation into a fanciful name and expect a conventional Accountant /Finance manager to transform overnight.  By merely re-appointing and re-branding traditional accounting and finance background managers to become business partners and tell them to get more involved in the business without defining in detail WHAT are the expectations from the Top, WHICH business decisions to focus on, and HOW they should work with their business colleagues will only create confusion and more frustrations within the organisation.

Your starting point should always be to understand where you honestly stand today, in the eyes of your business leaders. What values are you to your organisation and which role does the Top management expect you to play today, what mindset and skill set you need to possess to be effective at this new role. 

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Transforming the role of Finance to become strategic business partners is a change journey that takes time and requires improvements across several dimensions:

1Business Acumen & Finance Leadership: The ability to understand business dynamic, the ability to gain trust, respect from others, providing positive hope and directions on overcoming business challenges even in the most difficult time. 

2. Financial & Management Accounting Mastery: The ability to use quick & effective financial and management techniques and toolkits in performing quick what-if analysis & forecast for effective management decision making.

3. Excel and Powerpoint Skills: The ability to creatively integrate Excel functions to prepare various forecast and dashboard allowing quick what-if analysis; The ability to leverage on Powerpoint to create clear, impressive slides during presentation. 

4. Engagement and Communication: The ability to convert technical language into clear and simple-to-understand layman language for top executives for better decision making while engaging the team in driving better business results.

Depending on what you need, we would recommend that you look into the following topics:

Business Acumen & Finance LeadershipTransform to Perform for Finance Leaders1 DayMindset change program aim to transform the mindset of a Finance Leader
Financial & Management Accounting MasteryFinancial Analysis & Decision Making for Accountants1 DayRevisit key management concepts, ratios and strategies in decision making
Excel & Powerpoint SkillsAutomating Financial Functions for Data Analysis & Decision Making2 DaysLearn tips and tricks in various Excel functions in preparing financial analysis 
Engagement, Communication & PresentationThe Bridge : Applied Psychology in Effective Communication Skills1 DayMaster the fundamentals in Communication Skills
Impactful Presentation with Powerpoint: The 3C Principles1 DayLearn to build an effective case for presentation using speech and slides
Business Acumen & Finance LeadershipLeadership Enhancement Program Series (LEP)6 DaysLearn critical leadership skillsets to be a true leader
Financial & Management Accounting MasteryFinance for Non Finance Manager Series (FNF)3 DaysRevisit fundamental accounting concepts
Excel & Powerpoint SkillsFinancial Model & Dashboard Reporting Series (FMD)6 DaysLearn to build interactive financial models and dashboards for decision making
Engagement, Communication & PresentationCommunication, Engagement & Presentation Series (CEP)3 DaysMaster Advance communication in engaging and influencing others

Leadership Program

We provide many pre and post training supports, from personality test to follow through coaching to help participants to better internalise the change

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Pre/Post Training Support

Excel Program

We provide both pre and post training supports to help participants to effectively create reports and model that allow what if analysis and drive efficiency   

From Training to learning transfer!