Theme – Transform to Outperform

Transform to Outperform Program (TOP)

By Bryan Ng

A Self Transformation Program to Breakthrough in Personal Effectiveness

Target Audience: Any individual who want a more fulfilling work/life balance

We all come into the world with intrinsic and equal worth.  So, the question of self worth is not whether we have it, but how we manifest it. Sometimes, you may feel excited, anger, uncomfortable and even burst into tears under certain circumstance while others responded different way. 

The negative energy is haunting you. We understand how it feels, it must be difficult for you to handle this negative emotion alone. Now, it is the right time to get to know yourself better and transform from the past. 

Through this program, it brings about transformational, energetic change. This program is developed with Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy as core framework, coupled with other practical and effective psychology techniques to work an individual on both the inter and intrapsychic level of the being, so that participants can accept and deal with pain, problems, and also live with inner joy as well as peace of mind. The unique feature in this training is the intrapsychic and interactive components of learning that aids to enhance self transformation.  Participants will learn how to tap the deeper yearning of individuals and help them work towards a sense of wholeness as experienced in greater self-transformation and higher self-esteem.   

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“I highly recommend this training to anyone who has people they want to develop and want to develop themselves.“

“Every session is highly customized and carefully thought through to address the most important issues we face today that span.”

“Bryan’s TOP training was truly an experience bringing values and overarching imperatives. The training was fruitful, enjoyable and  intense. There were times that it struck an emotional chord, bringing tears to my eyes”

“ His delivery style has set a new benchmark in my expectations as a new edge manager

Trainer has professionalism and credibility and knows his stuff! Excellent role modelling of how trainers should present. Great balance of use of ‘personal’ stories too. Also demonstrated how to handle contingencies well

We strongly recommend that you attend all these 6 topics that are independent and yet inter-related.

TOP 1The Wall: Effective Coping with Work PressureUnderstand how one react when under pressure and how to be more congruent
The Iceberg: Understand Human Emotion & Psychology ManagementUnderstand how perceptions, belief system and inner self created our reactions
The Tree: Understand the Impact of Family of OriginUnderstand how the primary family shape a person
TOP 2The Journey: Understand Impact of Life ScriptsUnderstand how our experience and conclusion impact our thinking

The Rainbow: Discovering & Connecting with Inner Resources

Discover the inner positive resources in oneself

The Mandala: Towards a Balanced & Holistic LifeUnderstand the 8 elements to live a happy life

Pre/Post Training Support

Leadership Program

We provide many pre and post training supports, from personality test to follow through coaching to help participants to better internalise the change

From Training to learning transfer!