Theme – Team Building & Bonding

Team Building & Bonding

Becoming a True High Performing Team

Target Audience: Head of Department, Supervisor, Executive and anyone that works in team

Different from other team building programs, our team building program focuses on mainly indoor activities, learning experience and interaction. We take the experiential learning to a new height by consistently injecting the positive psychology components into the activities and debrief connecting the missing points and create the -‘A-HA’ moments in participants.

Our Aims:

1) Work on simulating the actual work challenges during experiential learning by creating  a safe and engage climate allowing open discussion so that actual work challenges can be discussed in respectful and constructive ways. 

2) Bond participants on their emotional and psychology level so that it is deep rooted to uphold the change behaviour when returning to work.

3) Create a  safe and positive climate to encourage open discussions among participants, creating aligned and agreed constructive next steps .

Why Us?!

  • Effective Training Interventions to ensure Learning Effectiveness
  • Program designed in-line with Adult Learning Principals
  • Trainer with management + psychology +finance expertise + multi-lingual & cultural background
  • Positive Directional and Approachable Learning Climate
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Team Building & Bonding

Effective team building means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture and boosting the bottom line.

Feedback from our Participants:

“Bryan’s patience in guiding the managers through the difficult task was invaluable and he had a way of helping them went through all the confusion and get straight to the heart of where they needed to improve the most. The result has been very encouraging. Our managers are very motivated and interactions among the team become more supportive and respectful. “

“I had the pleasure to work with him directly during our 2-day team building program. It was impressive to see how he was able to engage the whole group of around 75 people. The team building event has been a great success and Bryan has provided a good mixture of practical exercises and theoretical background. Even at the end of session Bryan was able to create a very emotional atmosphere which touched quite many participants.”

 “We would like to thank Bryan and his team for a job well done. Our management team members have given very positive feedbacks and they have certainly enjoyed and gained new insights during the entire leadership and team building program.”

“Bryan knowledge and experience from the industry and his sharing has certainly made the different to the program. We were most impressed with his excellent capability to handle and effectively convert the right message to different level management.”

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TBBThe Emerging Team2 DaysFocuses on shaping a newly formed high performance team
The High Performance Team2 DaysFocuses on re-working a established team into a true high performance team 

Pre/Post Training Support

Leadership Program

We provide many pre and post training supports, from personality test to follow through coaching to help participants to better internalise the change

From Training to learning transfer!