Theme – Leadership Enhancement Program

Leadership Enhancement Program

Transformation Inside Out

Target Audience: General Manager, Director, Financial Controller, Business Head, Head of Department, Manager, Accountants, Team Leader, Engineer, Business Development Manager, Factory Manager, Procurement Manager, Administrator, Finance Manager, Human Resources Manager

Many organizations today are operating in an environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and as a result, their managers likely are struggling with major challenges they never had to deal with before. Hence, managing self and managing team on a deeper psychology level is now becoming essential that every professional and manager should possess to be successful in   today’s work environment.

Our series of leadership programs empower you to recognize your capacity to lead in all areas of your life. These courses are designed to Transform, Uncover Your Potentials, deepen and build on your natural strengths as a leader. Our leadership transformational programs are powerful, experiential and insightful where it helps a leader to identify and breakthrough in self-perceived limits and put you on the road to a deeper and richer expression of yourself as a leader.  Our innovative, positive psychological based leadership development training helps participants to create and sustain a Highly Engaged, Highly Performing Culture. At the same time, it connects  you with the essence of your own unique leadership style and journey. Recognize and embrace your deepest strengths and learn how to bring that authentic power of self-expression into all areas of your life.   The result is Authentic Changes, Igniting a Cultural Shift that amplifies and inspires greater performance, productivity, and ROI in every areas of the business as well as individual.  If you want to have a more powerful, positive, and impactful transformation within your organization, profession, family or community, we help launch you into action.

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Leadership Enhancement Program

Engaged by many overseas organisations, our programs are conducted by our trainer who incorporates Satir’s positive directional approach in shifting the mindset of an individual and allow the participants to reflect on themselves through fun activities using powerful experiential learning techniques

Trainer with Management + Psychology + Finance expertise + multi-lingual & cultural background

“Trainer shares with us many smart tips & tricks so that we can creatively apply it immediately at work.”

Effective Training Interventions to ensure Learning Effectiveness

“Bryan was great at making adjustments for the different levels that were in the class. He gave little extra things to those who knew more, and paid attention to those who knew less so they did not get left behind.”

Positive Directional and Approachable Learning Climate

“I truly appreciated  Mr. Bryan’s professionalism, knowledge and patience with the class. Clear, concise and rooted in common sense – with a touch of human psychology. Thank you”

Thought Provoking Questions creating A-Ha Experience

This training helps me a lot. I have better ideas now why I behave in certain way.”

We would recommend that you attend all 3 of the following topics to be quantum leap your productivity:

LEP1Leadership & Change ManagementLearn how to lead a team during change or when there are many uncertainties
Leadership & Breakthrough ThinkingLearn how to lead and guide a team to creative and breakthrough thinking
Leadership & Team DevelopmentLearn how to develop a high performing team
LEP2Leadership, Retention & MotivationLearn how to proactively retain and motivate staff
Leadership & DelegationLearn how to delegate and empower staff without losing control
Leadership & Inter-Department CollaborationLearn how to create effective inter-department collaboration to resolve conflict

Pre/Post Training Support

Leadership Program

We provide many pre and post training supports, from personality test to follow through coaching to help participants to better internalise the change

From Training to learning transfer!