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Financial Modeling & Dashboard

Automate Your Dashboard Reporting. Accelerate Your Reporting Process

All-in-One : You do not have to spend hours gathering data from multiple sources.

Layman Language & Visual: No IT guy required. You can now provide your decision makers visually attractive reports that they will understand.

Built for The Bottom Line : Focus on what matters most for your business such as conversions, leads, revenue, more business!

Practical & Simple: That is our motto. Periodic, rolling and year end reports. That is 98% of all reporting needs.

Create Dashboard to:

  • See roadmap to profitability
  • Track Performance & Close Gaps
  • Easy One page visual for review
  • Use layout to draw focus
  • Interactive one click update

Create Financial Model to:

  • Business feasibility
  • Business Forecasting & Projection
  • Know investment requirement
  • Quantify and predict profitability
  • Management Decision Making

Target Audience: Finance Managers & Accountants, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Analyst, Financial Planner, Management Accountant, Financial Consultant, Risk Manager, Treasury

Financial modelling and dashboard reporting are some of the most desired skills in today’s corporate world for finance professionals. The demand of a financial modelling is increasing day by day. The need to track and oversee the performance of each department quickly via a good visual dashboard help management to be on top of any potential issues.

While a company may opt to buy expensive BI system, it is not flexible enough to be changed or adjusted as the business dynamic changes. Such flexibility has to come from someone who is familiar with the business and must also possessed the right financial know how and excel skillset.  It is no surprise that finance professionals are sought after to do so.

The higher you go in your corporate ladder and the more you involve in the business operations, the more you need to prepare financial model to help top management for quick decision making.

A good financial model can advise you various scenarios regarding the grade of risk associated with implementing certain decisions. They can also be utilized to devise an effective financial statement that reflects the finances and operations of company. However, the question here is are you able to create a financial model that (1) allow on the spot changes during the discussion with top management, and (2) when a model that is flexible enough to be expanded and adjusted when required.

Preparing Financial modelling and dashboard reporting using Excel have become one of the most highly sought after for finance professionals today.

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Modeling & Dashboard


Engaged by many Accounting Professional Bodies in Malaysia and overseas, our programs aims to help professionals and manager to create (i) robust What-If Financial Model  that allows quick change of different business scenarios for decision making and (ii) Interactive Dashboard Reports for quick review and analysis of current company performance.

Offers Powerful Interactive Financial Models & Solutions

“I like the models that we learnt in the class.  They are relevant .  I can use them to jump start when I go back”

Learning Modules focuses on Practical Application of Principles and theories at work

“Course content is very precise and practical. This is so much different from other Excel training I have attended.”

Positive Directional and Approachable Learning Climate

“Trainer is very patient and friendly. She is able to provide 1-1 assistance to solve my problem.”

Pre-Training Diagnostic Tools

“We have designed tools to guide and help client / participants to understand and identify suitable training topics.”

Post Training Support to ensure Learning Transfer Effectiveness

“We have designed tools to guide and help client/participants to understand and identify suitable training topics.”

Power BI for Data Management & AnalysisLearn how to use Excel 2016 BI Suite to clean, extract and consolidate data
Financial Forecasting, Budgeting & What-If AnalysisLearn how to build what-if analysis Financial Model for decision making
Financial Dashboard for ReportingLearn to build one click interactive Management Dashboard for reporting

Pre/Post Training Support

Excel Program

We provide both pre and post training supports to help participants to effectively create reports and model that allow what if analysis and drive efficiency   

From Training to learning transfer!