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Excel Powerpoint Efficiency

Quantum Leap your Productivity

Target Audience: Manager, Supervisor, Executive and anyone that heavily depends on Excel at work

Spreadsheets are everywhere in the workplace. The reason being, they are powerfully effective tools for enabling productivity, and efficiency. Think about the many ways spreadsheets, like Microsoft Excel, are used in your organization, such as create forms, calculate results, and generate reports. Timesheets, quotation,  analysis, inventory management, job tracking, and the list goes on. In every example, there are likely multiple users who need access to the spreadsheets.

For each one of those users, there is at least one “off the record” version of the spreadsheet on their desktop; for each one of those versions, there is likely a broken formula; and for each one of those broken formulas there is out of date information in the spreadsheet. These are just a few of the things that make managing spreadsheets difficult, not to mention controlling who can view, edit, or save changes to the spreadsheet. Worst of all, data pushed into Excel is dead data.  There is a better approach! With our series of “Productivity & Efficiency” training programs, we address all the common and difficult issues user are encountering. We help  our participants seamlessly integrate smart technology to create a more productive workplace and at the same time helping businesses monitor their workers movements.

This is not an IT program. It is a AT (Applied Technology) program that focuses on how to  practically and creatively apply various techniques and functions learnt to easily solve difficult work challenges. 

After attending these training programs, you will be able to (i) Increase employees productivity & efficiency; (ii) Provide business solutions to interactive what-if analysis & data management through the powerful  usage  of Excel and PowerPoint.

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Excel Powerpoint Efficiency

Different from other conventional IT courses, we are teaching not only the IT features but focusing on the effective APPLICATION of these features onto day to day work.  All of our courses come with mini case study to simulate real life work challenges .    Participants will find it fun, exciting and challenging!

An experience trainer with practical combination of Finance + Analysis + Excel Skills

“The training is very useful thanks to our trainer who comes with super experience, both applied and theoretical. She is knowledgeable and very accommodating to our request. The class goes on well and fun to learn.”

Offer Powerful Tips & Tricks to improve your productivity and efficiency

“I can’t explain how much Trainer has helped me going through the challenges. She is able to come out with immediate solution & powerful tips to solve my problem.”

Learning Orientation focuses on Real Life Work Challenges

“Thank you for sharing real-life case studies. I immediately put some of suggestions into practice and feel confident that the skills I learned will serve me well in my position.”

Positive Directional and Approachable Learning Climate

“Trainer is very patient and friendly. She always encourages and assure us that making mistakes help our learning.

We would recommend that you attend all 3 of the following topics to be quantum leap your productivity:

EPECreative Excel for Productivity & EfficiencyLearn many useful tips, tricks and how to integrate using Excel functions
Effective Business Data Management & AnalysisLearn to clean, extract and consolidate data quickly and effectively
Advance Charting Essentials for Dashboard ReportingLearn to create simple-to-understand but interactive charts for reporting

Pre/Post Training Support

Excel Program

We provide both pre and post training supports to help participants to effectively create reports and model that allow what if analysis and drive efficiency   

From Training to learning transfer!