Theme – Communication, Engagement & Presentation


Communication, Engagement & Presentation (CEP)

By Bryan Ng

Speak with Power

Target Audience: Head of Department, Managers, Engineer, Accountant, Project Leader, Team Leader, Assistant Manager and anyone who have subordinates

The present era places great emphasis on good communication and presentation skills. With good communication, one is able to effectively engage and convince the management, superiors, employees, clients and customers.  While with effective presentation skills, you is able to refine the way you put forward your messages, transmit the messages with clarity; engage the audience in the presentation and enhance your persuasive powers.

For professionals, communication and presentation skills are even more important. While technical mastery is important for the professionals, however, without good, clear and easy to understand communication to engage and influence the team, one will remain as a lone ranger or a specialist. Becoming a manager to lead a team or work as a team player will remain a challenge.  The success of the employees depends on the effectiveness with which they explain and present information.

This series of training aims to enable participants to master a series of important communication and presentation skills ranging from fundamental communications, effective presentation to advance communication and presentation. 

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Communication, Engagement & Presentation

Engaged by many overseas organisations, our programs are conducted by our trainer who incorporates positive psychology in shifting the mindset of an individual and allow the participants to reflect on themselves through fun activities using powerful experiential learning techniques


The concepts are profound and practical. Bryan really understand our difficulty as a leader.”

“This training selected excellent materials, provided great examples and put together an experience that could transfer key learnings into application immediately.”

“This excellent class reconfirmed for me that effective strategy and execution are key to manage people”

“I highly recommend this training to anyone who has people they want to develop and want to develop themselves.”

“This training helps me a lot. I have better ideas now why others reacted to me in certain way.”

“From this training, it helps us to examine what effective communication really means and what each of us has to do to achieve it”

We recommend that you sign up for all 3 topics to master your communication skills:

CEPThe Bridge: Effective Applied Communication in Managing Work ChallengeLearn how to apply effective fundamental communication in various work scenarios
Leadership & Corrective FeedbackAdvance communication in how to effectively give constructive feedback to staff and how to effectively handle objections during the feedback
Leadership & CoachingAdvance communication in how to effectively bringing out the best in others
Presentation SkillsEffective Message, Impactful Presentation: The 3C PrinciplesLearn to build an effective case for presentation using speech and slides

Pre/Post Training Support

Leadership Program

We provide many pre and post training supports, from personality test to follow through coaching to help participants to better internalise the change

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