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14 April 2018

Timur Kaya - Team Bonding Program

14 April 2018: We had recently completed a team building for one of our client Timur Kaya where the objectives set for the team building are mainly focusing on creating awareness, building on trust and experience the 8 characteristics of a high performing team.Most of the activities conducted, required them to think outside the box where the participants “go live” and “wild” having lots of fun until the end of session. The positive climate encourages openness in the discussion, reflection as well as good insights into their blind spots. 

The training ends with a last activity where participants were given the opportunities to feedback, acknowledge and reconnect with each other. A powerful session that touches the heart and feeling gratitude towards one another. This course was conducted by our expert trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng

                                                            Mr. Bryan showing the techniques

                                                            Participants during the activity

                                                            Participant enjoying the activity

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