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7th March 2018

TJ Wang - Corrective Feedback

7th March 2018:  Another training completed successfully. This training was focusing on advance communication in people management. From the training, participants learned to give and receive feedback in a constructive manner and acquired techniques to handle the discussion during corrective feedback. Trainer had demonstrated how to apply core communication techniques systematically.

Mr Bryan explaining some techniques to the participants

This training encouraged an environment where areas of improvements are openly discussed and work performance is clearly improved. It also introduced principles of informal feedback and provides participants with simple tools to practice it.

                                                                          Sharing session 

Our trainer, Mr Bryan Ng is an expert trainer with a unique and rare combination of management + psychology expertise. His test-proven training developed and coached employees that been earmarked as the next generation managers and created excellent breakthrough results within a short period of time. He is currently doing many leadership trainings nationwide as well as overseas.

                                                                     More sharing session

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