The Garden: Commitment towards Professional Success

The Garden: Commitment towards Professional Success


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 English     PJX Tower, PJ      1 Days (9am-5pm)     

Target Audience: Entrepreneur, General Manager, Head of Department, Managers, Project Leader, Team Leader, Supervisors who have subordinates

Optional:    Pre/Post Training Coaching & Support          Online Learning



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The JOHARI Window: How to Build Self-Awareness & Achieve Success​
Understand the four quadrants in JOHARI Window perspectives​
Blind Spot​
Its implications​
Resist the urge to criticize, judge, or push back on the perceptions of others​

How to Enhance Your Relationships with Others at Workplace and in Life with JOHARI Window​
Personal Development​
Understanding Relationships​

Real-life Case Studies​
Using the JOHARI Window for self awareness​

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Destiny​
Control Your Destiny: Guidelines for developing a Right Mindset​
You are What You See: Understand How your Thoughts are Formed​
Law of Attraction​
Understand how to Gain Wisdom & be in charge of your life

Build Trust Through Professionalism?​
What does “being ​
professional” actually ​
Relationship of Professionals and Professionalism​

Being Responsibility @ Work​
Accountability vs over responsible​
Develop Your Emotional Intelligence​
Honour Your Commitments​
Have the Tools You Need​

Taking Initiative @ Work​
What is Initiative​
How to differentiate between apply polishing with Initiative​

Real-life Case Studies​



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