The Clock: Effective Time Management (13 May, 2019)

The Clock: Effective Time Management (13 May, 2019)


 4.16 (17Rating)     20    # of Session: 3       

 English     PJX Tower, PJ      1 Days (9am-5pm)     

Target Audienc CA, CIMA, MSP, Satir)e: Manager, Team Leader, Engineer, Business Development Manager, Factory Manager, Procurement Manager, Administrator, Human Resources Manager, Secretary, Team Supervisor​

Optional:    Pre/Post Training Coaching & Support          Online Learning



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Forming The Right Mindset​
– Why Not Enough Time?​
– Introduction to Time Robber​
– Internal and External Time Robber​
– Internal Time Robber:​
– Understand procrastination is the biggest obstacle​
– 6 Ways to overcome procrastination​
– External Time Robber​
– Right perception of interruption​
– Ways to overcome interruption​

Activity Management – Action Planning​
– Forming the right habit​
– 4 Principles of Time Management ​
– Benefits of Planning​
– Understand urgent and important matrix​
– To-do-list​
– 8 Principles of Creative Time Management​

The Science – Leveraging on Technology​
– Leverage on Technology​
– Introduction to MS Excel special features ​
– MS Outlook in relation to time management​

The Art – Developing Interpersonal Skills​
– Emotional Deposits​
– Creating Small Wins​
– Leveraging on your Fellow Mates​

Action Plan & Follow Through​
Participants to list down 3 actions plan to follow through ​after the training



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