Training Options (Excel)

Training Options (Excel)

Excel Needs Analysis

Identify Excel Needs and Gaps


A soundly conducted Needs Analysis should always be the first step when you need to improve your Excel skills or learn to build advance Excel models. Regardless of the Excel training topics you plan to attend, taking the time to properly assess your needs and skills will go a long way towards assuring the success of your learning.  

This Training Needs Analysis Survey consists of 20 questions and will take less than 20 minutes for you to complete. Once you submitted the survey, our research team will analyse your answers and provide you with a report highlighting the skill set that you required and recommending suitable training topics for you.


Excel Fitness Test

Determine your level of Excel Competency

The aim of this test is to help participants to understand what Excel level of competency they already possessed so that they will not end up choosing too low or too advance training topics, ended up not able to fully benefit from the course.

This Excel Fitness Test consists of 22 multiple choice questions and a practical excel application test. You will be assessed on your Excel knowledge and how effective and efficient  are you when creating a report using Excel.

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Excel Online Refresher (O.R.) Toolkit

Quick & Easy Refresher after Training

Excel Online Refresher (OR) Toolkit aims to allow participant to easily and quickly recall the Excel functions learnt before or after the training via short videos. All videos are created using the same common layman language that was used by the trainer in the class.  The aim is to trigger the memory of the participants and reconnect with their learning easily.  

We have as many as 77 Online Refresher videos for easy reference. Refresh your learning anytime! Anywhere! Your style! Your pace!

Excel Template

Jump Start on Application of Learning

At times, it is rather hard to build the Excel reports from scratch even after attending the training.  Time and effort do not allow you to do so.  As such, one way is to jump start quickly by directly buying the ready made template for your usage and further refine and customise the template into what you need.  

It is strongly advise that you understand the concepts behind the Excel template and are fairly good in Excel so that you are able to modify the Excel template to fit your organisation needs.

Mini Project

Effective Application of Learning

After attending a training, it is important that there is post training assignment for the participants to practice while aligning with their immediate bosses on the needs to ensure that (i) participants able to practice and apply what they have learnt onto their work; (ii) efficiency and effectiveness of the department or organisation benefited immediately as a result from sending the staff or manager for training.

We will help to monitor, facilitate and align to ensure that expectations are set properly and eventually are met.


Report & Model Review and Enhancement

Review and Enhance Reports/ models Built by Participants

After attending the training, you may want to work on improving or enhancing your current report.  However, you may find problems while doing so.  

This post training support aims to help you to ensure that there is improvement to your current report as our trainer will review, guide and provide support in helping you to implement the changes after your training.

For the advance Excel user, one of your aim is to create useful what if analysis model to help management decision making.  To do so, it is important you have the support in driving the change.

Our trainer will help you by working with you through virtual coaching where it will 2 sessions of 1 hour coaching.  However, you need to possessed advance Excel Skills and is subject to our trainer’s review of your model and acceptance of the engagement.

Excel Accreditation Program

Mastery of Excel

The objective of this Accreditation program is to ensure that participants put into practice what they have learnt and create improvement directly at work.  It is assignment/project based where participants need to agree with their immediate superior on areas of improvement, work on the changes and submit the mini project to trainer for final review.

Areas of Assessment:

  1. Effective use of Knowledge
  2. Efficient application of Skills
  3. Able to Transfer Knowledge Gained
  4. Report was able to create efficiency and effectiveness @ work

       Grading: White Belt, Green Belt, Red Belt, Black Belt

Public Program Refresher

First and foremost it is the simple fact that technology is constantly changing and people skills are hard to master. New generations, new developments and new technology are constantly happening.  Consequently, training become essential to enhance and refine the knowledge, skills and mindset of managers and professionals.  However, admittedly it is hard to remember all the knowledge, skills and new mindset acquired during training, not to mention trying to effectively apply what was learnt in a classroom back at work considering that they must dedicate a tremendous amount of their time and effort toward the day to day fire fighting workload.

Refresher training courses can therefore serve as an excellent means of helping these personnel remain up-to-date and refresh their memories of what they have learnt.  They will then be able to leverage on what they learnt to maximise the company’s performance.  Studies show that ROI on training will improve tremendously as when there is refresher class.  

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