What’s Next After Training?

Many has lost confidence in training? Are you one of them? When we set out to learn a new skill, it is important to know that there are a number of predictable stages that we will go through before the change behaviour will happen.  One model that explains these clearly is the Conscious Competence Ladder.  … Read more

Best Project of the Year

Another Successful Integrated Training + Coaching Program “The focus is not how effective is the training but how effective is the Learning Transfer.”  Other success stories…click here Our research team has discussed and concluded the following 7 keys to the success of this program: Top Management Commitment to invest in a series of training and coaching … Read more

21 Ways to Assess Training Effectiveness

As a training manager, you are tasked to plan, direct, and coordinate programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of an organization’s employees.   They are responsible for organizing training programs, including creating or selecting course content and materials. However, given that there are so many different training programs out there, how would one know if a … Read more

Recent Activity- 230718

23th July 2018 Tencate – Cross Culture Team Performance Enhancement 23th July 2018-Cross Culture Team performance Enhancement was an interesting training programme conducted at client office. This training mainly focused on understand how business evolves as it grows over time. Understanding the reasons on how a company advances by its strengths but hitting bottleneck due to … Read more

Recent Activity- 140518

14th May 2018 Gamuda: Effective Message, Impactful Presentation :The 3C Principles   14th May, 2018:  In this training, Applied Tech People was able to guide the Gamuda participants on the Effective Message, Impactful Presentation: The 3C Principle. Mr Bryan has taught the team from Gamuda how to present information clearly and effectively to get their … Read more

Recent Activity- 180418-200418

18-20 April, 2018 Evonik Leap: Effective Influence & Performance Improvement 18-20 April 2018, China: Our expert was once again invited to China to conduct another training. This time around the training topic was The Effective Influence & Performance Improvement. In this training the participants were exposed to many kind of skills and qualities that a … Read more