The Rainbow-Discovering the Internal Resources for Motivation (Day 5)

April 18, 2019 @ 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Rainbow-Discovering the Internal Resources for motivation

Charging Energy Inside Out

The focus of this program will be Satir Transformational Therapy to bring about transformational, energetic change for your staff. Satir’s uniqueness is the intrapsychic and interactive components of therapy that aids to enhance your staff’s self transformation. In the past, therapy is commonly focused only on behaviors, beliefs, or feelings. With Satir Model, it facilitates change at the level of being, so that you will learn how to hep your staff to accept and deal with pain, problems, and also live with inner joy as well as peace of mind.

Target Audience: Human Resource Specialist who want to help their staff to achieve a new transformation.

” I’m actually doing some revision on the training notes, a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation came into my heart that I wanted to express.”Thanks a lot Bryan. “

” I really appreciate and enjoy the training program conducted by you. It has gradually work inside the mind and now I see some transformation in the way I think and manage things. “

” For the first time, I have such peace and calmness in my heart. Sitting at my office desk, getting sense of doing things more organise.. Amd enjoy my space. Many thanks! “

” The learning lead me to a better self discovery. Thanks for Bryan’s efforts to let me discover my inner resources and my untapped potential. Moving forward, I will be tougher in facing all challenges in my life. Bryan and Albert have done a great job in helping people to transform. “


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