Leadership, Retention & Motivation

Leadership, Retention & Motivation

November 29, 2019 @ 9:00 AM

Leadership, Retention & Motivation

As a Manager, have you ever ask yourself, “Why this candidate accepted our offer?” The answer is because of company. However, the high percentage of employee turnover, what is causing this? Most of the time, immediate superior is the main reason. Do you really know what influences your people to look forward to the start of the working week? By attending this training, trainer will guide you along with the importance of 6 levels of motivation through Sati’s toolkit-Wheel of Influence. This is how you achieve long term success with high levels of employee motivation, performance and productivity as its foundation.

“ I truly appreciated Mr. Bryan’s professionalism, knowledge and patience with the class. Clear, concise and rooted in common sense – with a touch of human psychology. Thank you. ”

“ Bryan was great at making adjustments for the different levels that were in the class. He gave little extra things to those who knew more, and paid attention to those who knew less so they did not get left behind. ”

“ His delivery style has set a new benchmark in my expectations as a new edge manager. ”

“ Trainer has professionalism and credibility and knows his stuff! Excellent role modelling of how trainers should present. Great balance of use of ‘personal’ stories too. Also demonstrated how to handle contingencies well. ”

“ I was very pleased with the training and I only have positive feedback. ”

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