Leadership &  Breakthrough Thinking

Leadership & Breakthrough Thinking

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      • Overview
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      • Why breakthrough thinking is important?
      • Leadership in Breakthrough thinking
      • 5 steps to Breakthrough Thinking
      • 6 Thinking Hats
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      • Checklist
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      • Common Questions & Answers
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      • Test: Leadership & Breakthrough Thinking
  • Introduction

    Many organizations are investing their time in searching the ultimate solution for breakthrough thinking to win over other competitors. As a middle management manager, you are expected to do so too.  However, with the non stop day to day challenges, managers tend to feel pressured by the never ending demands from work. With limited time to complete tasks, limited manpower and budget, most managers will feel restless and stressful.

    This course is designed to assist you in addressing your present problems by journeying you through a comprehensive process how you as a leader can play an effective role in leading your team to move from identifying a problem, brainstorming the possible ideas, to coming out with out of the box breakthrough thinking and solutions.


    The concepts are profound and practical. He really understand our difficulty as a leader.”

    “This training selected excellent materials, provided great examples and put together an experience that could transfer key learnings into application immediately.”

    “This excellent class reconfirmed for me that effective strategy and execution are key to manage people”

    “From this training, it helps us to examine what effective time management really means and what each of us has to do to achieve it”

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