Best Project of the Year

Another Successful Integrated Training + Coaching Program

“The focus is not how effective is the training but how effective is the Learning Transfer.” 

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Our research team has discussed and concluded the following 7 keys to the success of this program:

  1. Top Management Commitment to invest in a series of training and coaching and concurrently run both the Senior Manager (HOD) Training and Middle Management Manager Training
  2. Eagerness of participants to learn
  3. The invisible hand to influence and motivate change behavior both ‘on stage’ and ‘off stage’
  4. Pre/Post training interventions to reinforce change behaviour
  5. Small group coaching sessions that further enable participants to see how to practically apply the learning onto day to day challenges 
  6. Safe learning and practice environment that encourage learning from both mistakes and successes 
  7. HR support in managing the initial resistance to release participants for training

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