Comprehensive Guide You Needed to Managing Staff Appraisal

Reviewing KPI & Conducting Performance Appraisal

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A business cannot function unless the planning and assessing of results occur continuously at all levels in the organisation. Organizations need this process so that they can manage their human resources, and therefore, their business, more effectively. This requires systematic planning and regular review of employee performance. Performance appraisal is a human resources management activity that allows you to stand back and take the time to observe the growth of employees based on the organization's environment, context and culture. This activity provides the opportunity to highlight strengths while also identifying areas requiring improvement.

The idea of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) simply reflects the notion that some of the aspects of organizational performance requiring improvement or maintenance are more important than others. When a range of these important aspects are selected and a measure has been determined, a set or system of KPIs exists. The focus of KPIs, therefore, is either on the aspects of organizational performance that require improvement, or on the aspects that must be kept within a specified level to ensure continued success of the organization.





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