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The Tools: Discovering & Connecting with Internal Resources

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We all come into the world with intrinsic and equal worth. So, the question of self worth is not whether we have it, but how we manifest it. Sometime, you may feel excited, anger, uncomfortable and even burst into tears under certain circumstance while others responded different way. The negative energy is haunting you. We understand how it feels, it must be difficult for you to handle this negative emotion alone.

Now, it is the right time to get to know yourself better and transform from the past. Through Satir's program, it brings about transformational, energetic change. Satir's uniqueness is the intrapsychic and interactive components of therapy that aids to enhance self transformation. With Satir Model, it facilitates change at the level of being, so that participants can accept and deal with pain, problems, and also live with inner joy as well as peace of mind. Participants will learn how to tap the deeper yearning of individuals and help them work towards a sense of wholeness as experienced in greater self-transformation and higher self-esteem.





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