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Impactful Presentation with Powerpoint: The 3C Principles

This program is especially useful for busy managers who have experience in presentation. In this program, one do not need to re-work the basic presentation but to learn through (i) Tapping into the natural strengths of every individual; (ii) Offer practical tips to overcome stage freight; (iii) 3 systematic…

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HR Toolkits for HR Managers

As a HR Manager, organizing bulks of information seems quite overwhelming and time constraining. If you are tired of sorting out messy data or unsure how to do? This course is certainly for you. You will discover new tips and tricks in doing Excel creatively. You will also be able to create simple macro…

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Advance Charting Essentials for Dashboard Reporting with MS Excel 2010

You'll learn how to create charts quickly. Use advanced excel functions to create easy yet effective data chart reports. Incorporate what-if analysis features and buttons to allow for interactive analysis. After attending this training, you will be an indispensable expert in data chart reports!

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Automating Financial Functions for Data Analysis and Decision Making

Finance and Accounting work definitely gets easier and faster with the Power of Technology. This course will teach you to build, communicate, understand or audit robust financial models, quicker. Make the spread sheet more useful by using the full capabilities of Excel to enhance the Financial Management…

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Effective Business Data Management & Analysis

Top management requires information quickly to make better business decisions. However, with the overwhelming amount of information, it is a challenge trying to do so quickly. By attending this training, you will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to build an effective financial…

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High Impact Powerpoint - From Good to Awesome

This program aims to help professionals that truly wants to create awesome slides to help them in their presentation. A picture speaks a thousand words. A slide well prepared will not only deliver the message effectively but also help you in your delivery of the presentation! Fear of presentation?Then,…

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Creative Excel for Productivity & Efficiency

It is common for data to arrive late but yet you are still expected to submit on time. If you miss deadlines, any explanations will be deemed as excuses. By attending this training, you will learn very practical excel functions, smart tips and tricks to quantum leap your productivity.

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Budget & Finance Toolkits for Accounts Executive

Budget & Finance Toolkits for Non Finance Decision Makers [Focus on providing simple to use ...

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Credit Analysis & Management with Excel

A good credit management system helps you maximize profit by reducing the credit exposure risks. This course provides you a hands-on, practical and organized approach to evaluate customer's credit-worthiness, manage AR data, review and monitor your AR portfolio effectively and efficiently. Amazing…

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