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Project Appraisal Modeling, Solver & Interactive Simulator

5 Category : Financial Modeling
Do you want to improve on your Excel project appraisal model? Is your model flexible enough to allow for changes in timing and capable to perform sensitivity analysis? Are you faced with the challenge to choose the optimal mix of projects to maximise returns?

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Financial Forecasting, What If Analysis & Quick Feasibility Study

8 Category : Financial Modeling
In today's fast paced world, management requires rapid information to make better business decisions. However, most Finance Managers find it hard to provide such support because of their role in micro finance, hence frustrating management. This hands-on course will equip you with the core competencies…

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Effective Budgeting Model & What If Analysis for Accountants

16 Category : Financial Modeling
Frustrated with Budgeting Preparation? How many times you need to revise the budget before it is finalise? Wanted to do What-If Analysis? Many accountants are tire with the budgeting process. The never ending changes, fighting with other department head over the figures and the never ending demand for…

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