Effective Business Data Management & Analysis

17 Category : Manager
Top management requires information quickly to make better business decisions. However, with the overwhelming amount of information, it is a challenge trying to do so quickly. By attending this training, you will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to build an effective financial…

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High Impact Powerpoint - From Good to Awesome

5 Category : Manager
This program aims to help professionals that truly wants to create awesome slides to help them in their presentation. A picture speaks a thousand words. A slide well prepared will not only deliver the message effectively but also help you in your delivery of the presentation! Fear of presentation?Then,…

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Creative Excel for Productivity & Efficiency

29 Category : Manager
It is common for data to arrive late but yet you are still expected to submit on time. If you miss deadlines, any explanations will be deemed as excuses. By attending this training, you will learn very practical excel functions, smart tips and tricks to quantum leap your productivity.

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Effective Influencing Skills

3 Category : Manager
Communication skills is one of the fundamental skill that look simple but needed a lot of training and mastery to be effectively. Without good communication skills, it easily create conflicts among people. No matter how hard we try to avoid conflict, it will happen whether at work or at home. By attending…

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The Emerging Leaders

0 Category : Manager
The Emerging Leader [Focus on planting strong, proper fundamentals for a ...

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5E in People Management

4 Category : Manager
5Es in People Management [Provide systematic approach to effectively ...

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