Specialist - Human Resource

Reviewing KPI & Conducting Performance Appraisal

A business cannot function unless the planning and assessing of results occur continuously at all levels in the organisation. Organizations need this process so that they can manage their human resources, and therefore, their business, more effectively. This requires systematic planning and regular…

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HR Toolkits for HR Managers

As a HR Manager, organizing bulks of information seems quite overwhelming and time constraining. If you are tired of sorting out messy data or unsure how to do? This course is certainly for you. You will discover new tips and tricks in doing Excel creatively. You will also be able to create simple macro…

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Understand Labour Laws, Legal & Practical Issues in Employment Act.

Unlike any other HR management courses, this course for new HR Assistants & HR Professionals strikes a balance between the legal and critical employment issues whilst equipping you with practical skills in dealing with real-life situations. Other than HR personnel, those who already have some Responsibility…

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HR For Non HR Managers

Designed to orientate non-Human Resource professionals on the intricacies of the Human Resource function and address common HR challenges through equipping the participants with the know-how on HR techniques. This would translate to greater efficiency in the resolution of HR issues

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Interviewing Skills + Staff Retention Strategies

In today's aggressive business environment, remaining competitive is imperative to success. Growth is something for which everyone strives. The mistake of employing the wrong person for the job is very costly to correct. As such, organizations must truly hire talented people and to keep them. On…

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The Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leader [Focus on planting strong, proper fundamentals for a ...

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