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APPLIED Tech People | Specialist - Account & Finance


Specialist - Account & Finance

High Impact Powerpoint - From Good to Awesome

This program aims to help professionals that truly wants to create awesome slides to help them in their presentation. A picture speaks a thousand words. A slide well prepared will not only deliver the message effectively but also help you in your delivery of the presentation! Fear of presentation?Then,…

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Credit Management Analytic & Dashboard Reporting using Excel

The worth of data depends upon the ability of user to understand, interpret and communicate it's key insights. A good credit management system will help you reduce the amount of capital tied up with debtors and minimise your exposure to bad debts. In this training, you'll learn to utilise smart…

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Financial Dashboard for Reporting

The worth of data depends upon the ability of user to understand, interpret and communicate it's key insights. Make vital information easily accessible to the people who need it and you are on your way to becoming a valuable asset to your organization.

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Budget & Finance Toolkits for Accounts Executive

Budget & Finance Toolkits for Non Finance Decision Makers [Focus on providing simple to use ...

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Credit Analysis & Management with Excel

A good credit management system helps you maximize profit by reducing the credit exposure risks. This course provides you a hands-on, practical and organized approach to evaluate customer's credit-worthiness, manage AR data, review and monitor your AR portfolio effectively and efficiently. Amazing…

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Effective Budgeting Model & What If Analysis for Accountants

Frustrated with Budgeting Preparation? How many times you need to revise the budget before it is finalise? Wanted to do What-If Analysis? Many accountants are tire with the budgeting process. The never ending changes, fighting with other department head over the figures and the never ending demand for…

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Unleash VBA Power for Financial Reporting

Unleash VBA Power For Financial Reporting [Learn to . . .

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