Effective Presentation Series

Understand Labour Laws, Legal & Practical Issues in Employment Act.

Unlike any other HR management courses, this course for new HR Assistants & HR Professionals strikes a balance between the legal and critical employment issues whilst equipping you with practical skills in dealing with real-life situations. Other than HR personnel, those who already have some Responsibility…

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Effective Message, Impactful Presentation: The 3C Principles

"… if all of the participants can deliver the presentation as well as what they did on your training, I will be home free…." HR Manager

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High Impact Powerpoint - From Good to Awesome

This program aims to help professionals that truly wants to create awesome slides to help them in their presentation. A picture speaks a thousand words. A slide well prepared will not only deliver the message effectively but also help you in your delivery of the presentation! Fear of presentation?Then,…

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