Why Us


 -Transformation Inside Out


Our Company has helped many corporate clients to improve on their operational effectiveness. We advocate practical application, creative thinking and smart learning throughout our training sessions.

"Our Success lies in our flexible ability to provide interventions at mindset, skill, knowledge or attitude level ”

Before Training:

Learning Goals: Identify business needs for the training

Training Design: Tailored to support learning transfer, including practice activities, role modeling, discussions, content reviews and etc

During Training: 

You Feel Me: Share real life examples and scenario to make the training relevant for learners

Adult Learning Principles: to engage them & help them to feel connected

Safe & Motivational Environment: allowing immediate feedback & improvement

Self Reflection: Use provoking questions to encourage participant to see and reflect

After Training:

Coaching, Evaluation & Feedback: to support the learning transfer

3 Months Post Training Support

Leadership Toolkits: Learning Refresher through online recap

Internet Learning through Audio, Video & Reading Articles


  - Breakthrough in Personal Effectiveness


APPLIED Tech is the appointed training partner for many well-known associations, MNC and

organization in Malaysia as well as in overseas. We have extensive training intellectual

properties resources and continuous research to develop and enhance our training 

programs so that our precious clients are always well informed with UPDATED + PRACTICAL 

technical skills, methods and creative solutions. We combined our technical knowledge with 

valuable work experience to  fruitful insights to our clients.

Our Company has helped many corporate clients to improve their operational effectiveness 

through training, coaching and consultancy. We strongly belief that personal success is 

possible when we learn to work smart by leveraging on technology, understand numbers 

and by winning your follower’s heart.We advocate practical application, creative thinking 

and smart learning throughout our training sessions.

Before Training:

   • Excel Needs Analysis & Excel Fitness Test

During Training:

• Orientation to Learning When training can be organised by starting with common adult's problems or concerns, it draw the attention of the learners.
• Assured & Safe Climate : Trainer creates an accepted, respected and supported climate for learning
• Focuses on Practical Applications: Participants learn how to practically apply the learning to the work hence creating strong ‘buy-in’ in learning.
• Multi Directional InteractionBreakaway from the traditional ‘one direction’ classroom approach but allowing active classroom interaction

After Training:

  • Group Coaching & Email Support