Team Building

Different from other team building programs, our team building program focuses on mainly indoor activities, learning experience and interaction. We take the experiential learning to a new height by consistently injecting the positive psychology components into the activities and debrief connecting the missing points and create the -'A-HA' moments in participants.

1) Work on simulating the actual work challenges during experiential learning by creating a safe and engage climate allowing open discussion so that actual work challenges can be discussed in respectful and constructive ways.

2) We also aim bonding the participants on their emotional and psychology level so that it is deep rooted to uphold the change behaviour when returning to work.

Samples of some of the Team Building that are being conducted..

Team Building with Emerson

Team Building with Evonik Malaysia

Team Building with Tencate

Team Building with Gadang Malaysia

Team Building with Mamee

Team Building with SolidCorp

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Our trainers develop Transformational Leadership model to make a difference in the lives of people. Everything about our leadership training and speaking reflects one

commonality, we believe in the natural goodness of people and that bringing that goodness out creates greater relationships and emotions which in turn create

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Our dedication in training and our commitment in driving through change has resulted in many breakthrough results in our organisations. The following are some of the testimonials: more