Post Training Coaching

           Small Group Coaching (Excel and Leadership Training)

The objective is to provide a platform to allow every individual to speak up and provide more specific interactions.

1 to 1, Face to Face Coaching (Leadership Training Only)

A 1-to-1 coaching session where facilitator is able to work with individual, especially top management level, decision makers or next generation leaders that either needed accelerated learning from competition or wanted to ‘crack’ the old belief system or habits that are deeply rooted.

1 to 1 Virtual Coaching (Leadership Training only)

Many participants are keen to continue learn and develop themselves after training but find it hard to reinforce the learning due to time, geographical distance and cost. One-to-one coaching is made possible and at a cost effective way. We aim to provide a combination of face-to-face, email, SMS and virtual coaching allows participants to further clarify, learn and enforce the learning. Now, you can continue your distance coaching & learning Anytime, Anywhere!


SMS Coaching – WhatsApp, WeChat (Leadership Training only)

For participants who prefer short and effective coaching, we also offer coaching via WhatsApp, WeChat where one can directly contact our coach and seek for immediate advice. A quick coaching focusing on a specific challenge you are facing will increase the effectively in applying new concept or   technique learnt in training to overcome the challenge faced promptly and effectively.

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