What is Communication?

·        Are you listening?  If yes, what do you focus on?

·        How do you plan to listen to feeling?

·        Do you know how to create the level of openness in communication?

·        How do you bring out the courage to express in your communication?

·        How do you show your care or consideration to the staff?

·        Have you created win win in your communication?

Listening Techniques

·        Do you ask questions? 

·        Do you use open ended question when you want more information?

·        Do you always use closed ended question?

·        Do you always interfere/conclude before others finished the talking?

·        Do you maintain a good eye contact along conversation?

·        Is your body gesture maintained positively?

·        Do you allow moments of silence in between conversation?

·        Do you give some encouraging voices like hm…mm, ah..uh?

·        When you agree, do you nod?

·        Do you paraphrase in between the conversation?

·        Will you able to summarise at the end of the conversation?

·      Do you reflect the other person’s feeling?

Approaches that KILLS!

·        Do you use value statement?

·        Are you fixed with your thought or are you open to ideas?

·        Is your body gesture always in powerful position?

·        Do you speak in high tone?

·        Is your conversation lack of purpose?

·        Do you allocate enough time for the conversation? 

Signs of closed Communication

·        Are you rationalizing by giving many facts & evidence?

·        Do you blame others?

·        Do you always challenge others?

·        Do you like to change topic during conversation?

·        Do you find yourself constantly ‘not here’ during conversation?

·        How do you plan to use good positive phrases in your conversation?

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