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5 Quick Reference Video for Excel functions for FREE ! *Terms and Conditions apply

2007 : New Function

Excel Needs Analysis

Don't know what is the right course for you?
Wanted to find out what will suit you?

   The objective of this analysis is to help you find out what are the courses that will suit your needs. It is not a test, but a simple 20 multiple

   choice questions survey that aims to understand your needs and your scope of work.

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Excel Fitness Test

Do you know how's your Excel Skills?

The objective of this test is to allow you to quickly gauge your level of Excel proficiency to ensure that the courses you sign up will fit your
level of learning. It consists of 22 multiple questions that assesses you on different aspect of commonly used excel functions.

Drop us an emailand we will register you for the test.

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Leadership O.R. Toolkits

Refresh Back What You Have Learnt !

 Refresh back what you have learnt back there. Flashcards, Test, Checklist, and many more  features are waiting for you 

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Applied Apps

 Go Mobile ! At your Finger Tip !

Get the knowledge right at your fingertips. Share your thoughts, set your target of the day, discuss with the others about problems that you faced anywhere and everywhere you like.

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Excel O.R. Toolkits

Excel in Excel !

Get our exclusive only-member to refresh back what have you learnt. More than 100 Excel videos to be viewed now. All are made using the same terminology and language in order to reinforce and recall of memory.

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