Introduction to Applied Tech People

APPLIED Tech has been in the training industry for more than 14 years and has been the appointed training partner for many well-known associations, MNC and organizations in Malaysia and in overseas.

Our participants are mainly Senior Managers, Managers and Accounting Professionals who are looking for on-going Continuous Professional Development (CPD). We strongly belief that personal success is possible when we learn to work smart by leveraging on technology [Applied Tech] , understand numbers [KPI, HR & Others], winning your follower’s heart [Leadership] and creating strong, positive team dynamic [Team Building]. We advocate practical application, creative thinking and smart learning throughout our training sessions.

We also actively conducting training in overseas: China, Brunei, Singapore and USA and have received good feedback and testimonial from many of our clients…<more>

Our Services includes:

i) APPLIED Tech People offer both customized In-House training <more> and Public Program <more>

ii) Business Coaching, Personal Coaching, 1 to 1 Coaching, Small Group Coaching, Virtual Coaching …<more>

iii) Pre-Training Diagnostic Tools: Excel Fitness Test <more>, Excel Needs Analysis <more>

iv) Post Training Support: Leadership OR Toolkit <more>, Applied Apps <more>, Excel OR Toolkit <more>, Excel Accreditation Program <more>

v) Training, Workshop, Executive Talk


Why Us?

Program designed in-line with Adult Learning Principals

Most describe our training as practical, relevant and motivational. We combined our technical knowledge with valuable work experience, packed them into easy to follow steps and techniques to ease the internalization of learning.

Learning Modules focuses on Practical Application of Principles and theories at work

Enhance solid understanding & insights into the connection of various management theories learnt and how to effectively apply them onto various real life scenarios.


Effective Training Interventions to ensure Learning Effectiveness

Various simulation activities, role plays, games, real life business case simulations are used to create experiential learning for participants to become active learners: Experience, Reflect, Conceptualize and Internalize the learning.


IBM Trainer with management + psychology + finance expertise + multi-lingual & cultural background

Our trainers are all with many years of corporate experience holding various important managerial positions and able to relate their experience with participants. The unique combination of experience, academic qualifications and cultural background makes our sharing insightful and impactful, helping participants to quickly understand and connecting the missing links.


Positive Directional and Approachable Learning Climate

A safe and assuring climate is created throughout the training. Trainers are knowledgeable and approachable enabling participants to feel safe in sharing their experience, learn through various participants’ working experience and making mistakes without feeling embarrassed or fear.

Thought Provoking Questions creating A-Ha Experience

With structured facilitation and thought provoking coaching techniques, participants can see that their contributions are valued, shared and discussed, allowing participants to reflect and internalize their learning effectively.

Pre-Training Diagnostic Tools

We have designed tools to guide and help client/participants to understand and identify suitable training topics.

Post Training Support to ensure Learning Transfer Effectiveness

We have researched and designed simple-to-use toolkit to support the after-training learning transfer. Participants can easily access, refresh and be guided on what they have learnt to help solve their work challenges。

Leadership & Team Building AT Program & KPI & Others   


    Before Training:

  • Learning Goals: Identify business needs for the training

  • Training Design: Tailored to support learning transfer, including practice activities, role modeling, discussions, content reviews and etc


  During Training: 

  • You Feel Me: Share real life examples and scenario to make the training relevant for    learners

  • Adult Learning Principles: to engage them & help them to feel connected

  • Safe & Motivational Environment: allowing immediate feedback & improvement

  • Self Reflection: Use provoking questions to encourage participant to see and reflect


   After Training:

  • Coaching, Evaluation & Feedback: to support the learning transfer

  • 3 Months Post Training Support

  • Leadership Toolkits:Learning Refresher through online recap

  • Internet Learning through Audio, Video & Reading Articles


   Before Training:

  • Excel Needs Analysis & Excel Fitness Test


  During Training:

• Orientation to Learning: When training can be organised by starting with         common adult's problems or concerns, it draw the attention of the learners.

• Assured & Safe Climate: Trainer creates an accepted, respected and         supported climate for learning.

• Focuses on Practical Applications: Participants learn how to practically apply       the learning to the work hence creating strong ‘buy-in’ in learning.

• Multi Directional Interaction: Breakaway from the traditional ‘one           direction’ classroom approach but allowing active interaction


   After Training:


• Group Coaching & Email Support