APPLIED Tech -Post Training Support

PRE/POST TRAINING: Learning Transfer Support Programs
By providing training that delivers real business benefits continually strive to deliver exceptional services and achieve excellent results throughout different sectors. No matter how big or small your business, your nature of business, we will always be committed to provide successful training packages,and will continue to offer pre/post training support, accreditation programs that exemplifies the highest of standards.


Excel Fitness Test

Excel Accreditation

Group coaching sessions

Email Support

3 Mins Refresher Video


We provide integrated continuous development programme to help participants adapt better so that they have better ‘buy-in' into the change:

i)Before Training:

- Excel Training Needs Analysis

Customized Excel Need Analysis Assessment to enroll you to the Most Suitable Class

- Excel Training Needs Analysis

Quickly gauge your level of proficiency to ensure courses that you sign up fit your learning needs

ii)After Training:

- 3 Min Refresher Video

Post Training Videos allowing participant to easily and quickly refresh what they have learnt

- Group Coaching

Enhance your learning experience through post coaching support session to overcome your problems

- Email Support

We provide you Email support after the training so that you can apply your learning at work


iii)Excel Accreditation Program
The aim of the Accreditation Program is to help an organisation to further develop and grow in house talents wherethe candidates need to fulfill a series of requirement in order to qualify for the grading.