100% Entitlement CPE/CPD Points & HRDF Claimable Under SBL


APPLIED Tech offers a series of holistic and rewarding training programs that are eligible for CPE/CPD Points to all professional accountants. In addition, your organisation may also apply for HRDF, under SBL scheme should your organisation been contributing to PSMB.

What is CPD/CPE?

As a professional accountant, one is required to participate in any relevant training activities to obtain CPE/CPD Points by upgrading their experience and knowledge to become a better practitioner.

- CPE is known as Continuing Professional Education which requires them to maintain skills and knowledge beyond their initial certification to be updated with current        regulations and changes.

- CPD is known as Continuing Professional Development which tracks the record of your processes in your experiences, learning and the applications.

We worked closely together with our experts to provide you the best results in our training program.

                                                                           Below are some of the Accounting Professional Bodies we work closely with: